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Canada West 653 Solutions is an Aboriginal-owned and operated full-service storage tank repair and maintenance contractor.

Canada West 653 is a Aboriginal-owned and operated business that prides itself on its commitment to excellence. The company’s mission is to build better projects through better relationships. To achieve this goal, the company prioritizes transparency, using state-of-the-art welding technologies, and leveraging its team’s extensive experience.

At the heart of the company’s success is its team of tradespeople, who are widely regarded as the best in the business. These skilled professionals share in the company’s success, working together to provide the highest quality welding and repair services to customers.

New tank build and engineering
650/620 New builds
Structural steel
Mechanical repair
New foundation

We are an Aboriginal-owned and operated full service storage tank repair and maintenance contractor.

Our expertise goes back 50 years, and with that, our service portfolio has expanded to include everything to do with storage tanks – from new engineering and build, to tank jacking and sliding, to full service tank repair and maintenance.
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Differentiated by the quality of our people and our relentless drive to deliver the most successful outcomes, we align our capabilities to our customers’ objectives to create a positive impact.

What we do

Tank repair and modification

Offering a range of solutions to ensure your tanks are in good working condition. Our services include repairing leaks, cracks, and other damages, as well as modifying tanks to meet specific requirements.

Foundation repair and grouting

Repairing damaged foundations and using grouting to fill voids and ensure proper support. Repair or replace damaged tank floors, using concrete or epoxy to ensure they are back in good condition.

Floor repair and replacement

Our experts provide floor repair and replacement services for damaged tank floors. We use materials such as concrete or epoxy to repair floors, or replace them entirely if necessary. Maximum quality

Column and roof repairs

Repairs for damaged tank columns and roofs, reinforcing weakened areas or replacing damaged sections entirely.

Tank jacking

Our team can lift tanks safely and securely using hydraulic jacks, to allow for repairs or modifications to be made to the tank's base or foundation.

Insert plates

Using materials such as steel or composite materials to create the insert plates, ensuring they are securely attached to the tank.
Experience, competence, quality, innovation, sustainability – these are the keys to success of Canada West 653 Solutions for the realisation of large international construction projects.
Our extensive resume is comprised of over 3,500 projects completed

Our diverse project list includes commercial buildings, manufacturing structures and much more

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